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Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

To assist the FTC in meeting its responsibilities, we fill a critical role in providing Program Management and assessment of impacts across FTC programs, systems, and business processes for Logistics, Space and Facilities, Resource and Project Management, Communications and Information, Security and Safety, and other key program areas.

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“AMSG is a driving force behind OCASO’s success. They methodically listen, provide remarkable deliverables, and are very easy to work with. Given the exceptional support provided by AMSG to the Federal Trade Commission, Office of the Chief Administrative Services Officer, and their ability to perform in accordance with the contract, I would highly recommend them to other government organizations and would re-award their contract if given the chance to do so.”

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you are partnering with a reliable, creative, and people-first SDVOSB government contractor that has the industry experience and professionalism to tackle even the most complex challenges of the Federal Government's many departments. Our mission is to see your mission complete, no matter the obstacle.

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comprised of diverse teams of industry specialists and public sector experts working together in synchronicity to see the goals of our clients achieved. Our culture is led by an ethos of competence, courage, and compassion, and our work is driven by a steadfast commitment to mission.

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Award Alert.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Contract Awarded to AMSG

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Streamlining Data Using a Power BI Solution at the Federal Trade Commission

For the past year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been modernizing several of their enterprise systems and tools. But even with these transformation efforts, data management across multiple systems has proven to be a challenge. While Microsoft Excel has its merits, pivot tables can be unwieldly, and they aren’t inherently interactive to a user for managing and analyzing large datasets. AMSG knew that Microsoft Power BI takes it to the next level for streamlining data.