Overview of the IDIQ

AMSG offers Federal agencies and authorized customers a total solution under its GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) to their business, operations, compliance, and mission requirements. Awarded special item numbers (SINs) encompass a full set of services to provide comprehensive solutions to customers’ program, financial, management, engineering, scientific, and administrative and technical requirements. The AMSG Consolidated Schedule provides customers with a single, simplified contract mechanism to meet its requirements.

Services we provide to the IDIQ

SIN Recovery SINs SIN Title
541611 541611RC Professional Services: Business Administrative Services – Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services
541330ENG 541330RC Professional Services: Technical and Engineering Services (non-IT) – Engineering Services
541420 541420RC Professional Services: Technical and Engineering Services (non-IT) – Engineering System Design and Integration Services
541715 541715RC Professional Services: Technical and Engineering Services (non-IT) – Engineering Research and Development and Strategic Planning
611430 611430RC Professional Services: Training – Professional and Management Development Training
611512 611512RC Professional Services: Training – Flight Training
541380 541380RC Scientific Management and Solutions: Testing and Analysis – Testing Laboratories Services
541614 541614RC Professional Services: Logistics Services – Deployment, Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services
541614SVC 541614SVCRC Professional Services: Logistics Services – Supply and Value Chain Management
54151S 54151SRC Information Technology: IT Services – Information Technology Professional Services
OLM OLMRC Miscellaneous: Complimentary Special Item Numbers (SINs) – Order-Level Materials (OLMs)

Contract number


Period of Performance

January 23, 2015 – January 22, 2025


Jim O’Farrell, President & CEO
(202) 248-5042

Christine Taylor. Director of Proposal Management
(571) 931-0435

Price Schedule