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Pioneering Enhanced Safety with AMSG's TRADOC Harmful Behaviors Heatmap

Case Study

AMSG’s innovation takes center stage with the development of a dynamic Power BI tool, prominently displaying a map of harmful behaviors on the Electronic Reporting Portal homepage. This revolutionary tool eliminates the need for users to access raw data and reports. AMSG also meticulously designed dedicated pages for each location, providing comprehensive real-time event reports and enabling rapid responses in support of victims. AMSG spearheaded the development, testing, and implementation of the TRADOC Harmful Behaviors Heatmap project. Originating at G33, and subsequently elevated to TRADOC, this trailblazing endeavor revolves around the creation of the Harmful Behaviors Common Operating Picture (COP) for TRADOC, earning substantial acclaim for its innovation and far-reaching impact. AMSG’s pioneering contributions to the TRADOC Harmful Behaviors Heatmap project exemplify both innovation and transformation within the military landscape. By effectively addressing the challenge of fragmented information, this initiative lays the foundation for a safer and more efficient future for TRADOC operations.

The project’s remarkable success transcends its initial objectives, garnering high-level recognition and commendation from top military leaders, including Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth. Secretary Wormuth was deeply impressed by the COP’s capabilities and, following a comprehensive briefing and demonstration, acknowledged its potential for broad impact. Recognizing the exceptional value of the project, Secretary Wormuth also sought AMSG’s support in implementing a similar capability for FORSCOM. This underscores the project’s potential to enhance operations and safety across various commands, reinforcing its pivotal role in military decision-making.


Lack of Unified Insight: The project has effectively addressed TRADOC’s challenge of fragmented information on harmful behaviors. This once-limiting factor in operational performance, resource allocation, and timely decision-making is now a thing of the past.


AMSG’s introduction of the Harmful Behaviors COP offers a comprehensive solution, presenting a unified, single-pane view of harmful behaviors across the entire TRADOC enterprise. This transformative step effectively eliminates the “information swivel chair problem.


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