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Combat capability development processes and analysis services for the Force Protection Integration Division (FPID)

Case Study

The USMC Deputy Commandant for Combat Development & Integration (DC CD&I) Force Protection Integration Division (FPID) required combat capability development processes and analysis services to all of DC CD&I’s 18,000 personnel (2,700 officers, 11,000 enlisted, and 4,000 government FTEs.) FPID required specialized analysis and support for the development of comprehensive Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System JCIDS documents.  

On a Prime Contract, AMSG supported the Capabilities Integration Officers in assembling the appropriate stakeholders, working groups, and Integrated Product Team (IPT) members necessary to develop comprehensive JCIDS documentation for the 175K service members in the Marine Corp. This support included a Strategy-To-Task (STT) analysis and the initial identification of capability gaps impacting the warfighter through the identification of non-materiel and materiel solution approaches. When materiel development was warranted, AMSG ensured the appropriate JCIDS and Marine Corps Capability-Based Assessment (MCCBA) support to assist in an appropriate fielding solution. AMSG demonstrated extensive experience in supporting all efforts to provide required JCIDS/MC Capabilities Based Assessments (CBA), documentation, and Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) support. 

Reference: MCCDC CD&I Scope of Work (

First integration division to utilize Mobility KPP in documentation


  • Manage changing priorities to integrate new combat capability development processes and specialized analysis. 
  • Assemble appropriate stakeholders, working groups, and team members to develop the required comprehensive documentation for the project


  • Through close coordination and management, AMSG fulfilled key requirements and successfully oversaw changing priorities with flexibility and innovation. 
  • Supported and guided FPID in becoming the first integration division to utilize Mobility KPP into ANY requirements documentation.

“AMSG delivered above expectations ahead of anyone else in the Corps. I am not surprised as AMSG consistently displays their commitment to excellence in all of their support.”


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