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Working at AMSG

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Working at AMSG means INCLUSIVITY
Working at AMSG means COMPASSION
Working at AMSG means INTEGRITY

Led by the vision of industry leaders and the dedication and talent of our entire staff, we work with government agencies to fulfill today’s most pressing missions, creating a better tomorrow for our world and a better tomorrow for our team.

Competence—expert leaders and dedicated teams, we bring together the best and brightest of multiple sectors to tackle any goal.

Courage—a commitment to mission and the bravery to forge ahead, no matter the challenge laid before us.

Compassion—leading with empathy and placing people always at the forefront, that is our key to true success.

AMSG Cares

At AMSG, we care about:

Serving you: AMSG’s Employee Engagement Team (EET) is constantly working to create ways to support the whole team member. We have various programs to do that which include town halls, hobby support, lunch and learns, birthday cards, group picnics, and more.

Serving our community: AMSG is proud to support both local and international nonprofits. We believe in giving back to our local communities, whether through donations, volunteer work, or other initiatives. We are committed to making a difference and creating a positive impact in the world. Please check out our wonderful nonprofit partners on our Outreach page!

Hobby Program

AMSG believes that our team members are our most important asset.  We believe personal passions should be supported. Work Life Balance is critical to each of us, and we want to help our team maintain healthy boundaries and be the most well-rounded people they can be!

We’re proud to say that our new AMSG Cares Hobby Program has funded dozens of our team members’ hobbies, like musical instruments, camping gear, and exercise equipment!

Putting our team members first will always be our priority.

“I’m glad that you get to do something so neat for AMSG’s employees and you know it’s something that will definitely improve their lives every time. I stopped asking people “what do you do?” at get togethers a long time ago and instead ask “what do you like to do?” I think people look at their jobs as their total definition too much, and it’s not the full picture of who we are. I think this program is the first time I have seen a company embrace that and put it into action to better its employees, and that is awesome!”

AMSG's Internship Program

AMSG's Internship Program is an integral part of AMSG CARES, our company's comprehensive initiative to support our AMSG Team Members and give back to the communities where we serve and the world at large. This program provides valuable opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience in their respective fields while also contributing to our mission of forging solutions for the missions that matter. With the launch of our new International Philanthropy Program, we are thrilled to expand the reach of our Internship Program beyond our local community and offer international opportunities for our interns to gain cross-cultural experience and expand their skillsets. Through these combined efforts under AMSG CARES, we are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the next generation of leaders who will make a difference in the world.

Join the team!

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“We’re going to do everything we can to go the extra mile. We’re not just going to meet the contract requirements. We’re going to go beyond that to where they’re going to want that personal relationship with us.”

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“We always will do the right thing. It may not be the easiest thing, but we’ll always do the right thing for our customers. But I think that’s why they go to AMSG over some of the other companies.”

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“I truly believe it’s the question that we as leaders at AMSG focus on to answer. And the question is, what’s the right thing to do? What’s the right thing to do for the company? What’s the right thing to do with our teammates? What’s the right thing to do for our customer? And I think we always strive to do the right thing.”

Culture Badges

AMSG is thrilled to share our Culture Badges that highlight our strongest culture drivers. The company earned one each time our scores for these statements were in the top 25% of organizations who’ve been surveyed in the past 12 months by Energage.

Join the team!

AMSG provides growth opportunities, compelling benefits, and a collaborative work environment designed to support the lives and careers of our team members. Positions are now open.

Celebrating YOU!

Have you seen a co-worker who demonstrates AMSG’s Values? Be on the lookout for examples of our team members doing good things:

It could be:

  • going the extra mile on a deliverable
  • serving a customer
  • serving their teammates
  • serving in their community

“In the 23 years I’ve been a DoD Contractor, and have worked for only three other companies, AMSG, by far has been the most engaging, thought provoking, close knit group of fellow employees (at all levels) I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.  I have altered my retirement plans  because the direction AMSG has taken in caring for it’s people, customers, and the priority placed on core values and the companies future goals and objectives. I love being a part of the AMSG family.”