For the past year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been modernizing several of their enterprise systems and tools. But even with these transformation efforts, data management across multiple systems has proven to be a challenge. While Microsoft Excel has its merits, pivot tables can be unwieldly, and they aren’t inherently interactive to a user for managing and analyzing large datasets. AMSG knew that Microsoft Power BI takes it to the next level for streamlining data.

The FTC tasked AMSG to review the usage of the agency’s two most critical data mining platforms for legal research. Many FTC attorneys rely on these systems to aid in their legal efforts, making it critical to handle this analysis with a high degree of care. We recognized early on that Excel alone would not provide the level of insight we were aiming for and leveraged Power BI to centralize and manage this information.

To solve the problem, the team hosted a single Excel workbook in the SharePoint 2016 environment and connected the tables to a Power-BI file. We were then able to review, aggregate, and compare approximately 188,565 rows of data between five tables. Through Power BI, we accurately identified the frequency of system use, features being utilized, and ultimately, uncovered the value this information provided the FTC. The FTC applauded AMSG’s results and has been pushing the organization to further adopt this new way of doing business throughout the FTC. ”

Written by: Monica Chung

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