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AMSG in Conversation with Barbara Palmer

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The Data & Analytics Platform Saving Taxpayers and the Department of Veterans Affairs $1.9 Billion

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A Day in the Life of a VA Acquisition Academy SharePoint Developer

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From Intern to Medical Center Director at VA Medical Centers : Interview with Ken Mizrach

From intern to Medical Center Director at VA Medical Centers across the United States, Ken Mizrach served and supported our Veterans as a Federal employee for 42 years. He has since retired his Federal employee hat, joining AMSG in 2019 to support AMSG’s Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Government Accountability High Risk List Training Contract in helping VHA to establish training standards, and streamline processes and training systems. If that isn’t enough, he is also an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University School of Communications. With over four decades of training and experience, he brings a breadth of wisdom, skills, and VA knowledge, further enriching AMSG and our culture. We interviewed Ken to hear about his unprecedented career, the lessons he’s learned, and what drives him to continue his work with the VA.