Overview of the IDIQ

On February 13, 2020, GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories (PSHC) made additional awards on One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business (SB) Pool 1 to 89 companies whose proposals were rated using the Highest Technically Rated Offerors with a Fair and Reasonable Price approach. ADVENTureOne, LLC is pleased to announce that we were 1 of the 89 companies. ADVENTureOne’s contract consists of a base period of five (5) years with one (1) five-year option period.

Services we provide to the IDIQ

OASIS and OASIS Small Business (SB) are multiple award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts that provide flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services. Details of OASIS Contract include:

  • Span many areas of expertise and mission space;
  • Span multiple professional service disciplines;
  • Allow flexibility for all contract types, including hybrids and cost– reimbursement, at the task order level; and
  • Allow ancillary support components, commonly referred to as Other Direct Costs (ODC), at the task order level.

GSA OASIS Small Business – Pool 1 was awarded to AdventureOne LLC, a Joint Venture with Advanced Management Strategies Group (AMSG) as the Managing Venturer and Loch Harbour Group (LHG) as the Mentor in an SBA Certified Mentor Protégé Relationship. Our JV offers the following Capabilities for OASIS:

  • Program management services
  • Management consulting services
  • Logistics services
  • Engineering services
  • Scientific services
  • Financial services

Contract number


Period of Performance

February 13, 2020 – December 19, 2024

Our OASIS SB Key Personnel:

Corporate OASIS Program Manager (COPM) :
Jim O’Farrell, President

Corporate OASIS Contract Manager (COCM):
Laura Alston, AMSG Director of Finance and Budget

New Business Opportunites:
Christine Taylor, AMSG Director of Proposal Management

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