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The VHA Training Modernization initiative that began its work last year is now heading—full steam ahead—into 2022 with the March kickoff of eight new integrated project teams (IPTs). This single, comprehensive initiative is striving to ensure that every VHA employee has easy access to the right training, at the right time, so they are fully equipped to deliver the highest quality of care to Veterans.

Since its inception, designated teams of subject-matter experts, guided by EES, have been actively working on designs, process developments/improvements and related outputs that will support an effective and efficient national training program.

To date, 186 VHA employees have contributed their time and expertise to this critical modernization effort. IPT members represent 17 VISNs, multiple program offices and EES, and reach across clinical, administrative, project management and education functions.

It goes without saying that this important work will have a lasting impact on the entire VHA workforce. As such, active field and program office representation and participation in these IPTs is needed to ensure that the training processes and policies developed account for critical field and program office needs.

Employee Engagement

In January 2022, our President & CEO, Jim O’Farrell established the Employee Engagement Team to oversee AMSG’s Employee Culture, Relations, and Wellness. The purpose? To stay true to that principle by creating a culture of growth, providing ways to foster better customer support, and enhancing employee satisfaction company wide. 

From Intern to Medical Center Director at VA Medical Centers : Interview with Ken Mizrach

From intern to Medical Center Director at VA Medical Centers across the United States, Ken Mizrach served and supported our Veterans as a Federal employee for 42 years. He has since retired his Federal employee hat, joining AMSG in 2019 to support AMSG’s Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Government Accountability High Risk List Training Contract in helping VHA to establish training standards, and streamline processes and training systems. If that isn’t enough, he is also an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University School of Communications. With over four decades of training and experience, he brings a breadth of wisdom, skills, and VA knowledge, further enriching AMSG and our culture. We interviewed Ken to hear about his unprecedented career, the lessons he’s learned, and what drives him to continue his work with the VA.