Sandra Magura

On Monday, November 7th AMSG kicked off the Veteran Mentorship Program which is a part of our Veteran Resource Group.

Veteran mentoring programs create peer support among Veterans in the civilian workplace. They form a voluntary one-on-one relationship between a junior Veteran employee and a senior mentor. They assist the Veteran employee with his or her personal and professional growth in an organization focusing on helping the Veteran employee adjust to the civilian workplace culture and reach his or her full potential within the organization. Such a program is voluntary, bringing Veterans together in a trusted and comfortable environment.

For potential mentees, this is a great opportunity to connect with a mentor who can offer insight, advice, opportunity – and help navigate the next stage/s of a career. By being mentored by a fellow veteran who has experienced the same transition uncertainties, mentees won’t feel alone…mentees will feel understood.  It has been said that employees with a mentor transition from military service to the corporate environment more successfully and with less stress and uncertainty and are 5x more likely to get promoted.

For potential mentors, this is a great opportunity to give back, become a better leader, and refine skills and networks. In sharing expertise and experiences, mentors are leaving a legacy and guiding another’s veteran’s career path while gaining an opportunity to review and reenergize personal career goals.

We are excited to see the mentorships and outcomes which evolve from this initiative.