Here are a few reflections from the Marketing Manager, Chrissie Constable, on the AMSG rebranding.

Why did AMSG want to do it (the rebranding process)?

AMSG has been in business for 15 years and over the last year, we have had a change in our CEO, an increase in Outreach activities, an Employee Engagement Team that formed, and a Veterans Resource Group that started, among many other things. Our old website didn’t show that. Our old logo didn’t reflect that, and our old tagline didn’t either.  So the CEO and I set out to really look at who AMSG is now.  And the answer is: We are our People.  We are a diverse, modern, innovative group of well-rounded folks.  Our new website feels much more like us!

What did you learn during the process?

This was my first rebranding project, so I learned just how much goes into something like this.  It is not just “I like this color” or “I like this website layout.”  It is “How do we want others to see AMSG?” and “How can we share our team member culture with others?” Of course you do also have to pick out colors and layouts but there is much deeper driving force behind it.

How do you feel revealing the new AMSG to the world?

I am thrilled.  I feel like the bright colors really show our energy and excitement to others.  Our descriptions on the site tell a better story about the work we do, and our new Careers section really shows that AMSG cares about the whole team member, not just the work title.  Personally, I love the more modern feel and I am so excited to share it.