Written by Retired Rear Admiral and Top Gun Pilot, Mike Manazir 

One of the most important leadership traits I believe is a crucial skill for effective leadership is leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI). Leading with emotional intelligence involves recognizing, understanding, and effectively managing your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.

Let’s count some of the reasons why it’s powerful to adopt this leadership trait:

1) You make someone’s day, and maybe life, by showing them you care about them and appreciate your work. This will make them care a little more about “keeping the floor clean.”

2) Your employees see themselves as valued contributors so they will stand up for themselves a little more if a peer is disrespectful to them. This equips them to expect respect from their peers.

3) Morale jumps and the positive contagion spreads to all employees they interact with. They feel they matter. Is there any human being who doesn’t want to feel they matter?.

4) Because you lifted someone’s day, you feel a little better about yourself as you look in the mirror.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence can foster a positive work environment, enhance team morale, and improve your effectiveness as a leader.

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