When we founded AMSG almost 15 years ago, we established several core principles. While those principles revolve around our customers, they also serve the most important element of the organization: our people – “our people are our most important asset”.

As such, in January 2022, our President & CEO, Jim O’Farrell established the Employee Engagement Team to oversee AMSG’s Employee Culture, Relations, and Wellness. The purpose? To stay true to that principle by creating a culture of growth, providing ways to foster better customer support, and enhancing employee satisfaction company wide.

In some ways we already do a few of these things. For example, our Employee Engagement Team Manager, Patsy Hockaday, sends birthday gift cards every year to each employee on their birthday. We send flowers and niceties to employees who go through trying and exciting times in their personal lives.  Additionally, Jim personally reaches out to employees to check in and gauge overall wellness and satisfaction. Here’s what one of our employees had to say:

“Given that we are remote and work primarily for our Government client, it can be hard to stay connected to the corporate office. However, I appreciate Patsy sending the birthday cards each year and Jim reaching out directly to check on me. It makes a difference – I feel like he cares and that I’m not forgotten.” – AMSG Employee

But, we can do better, and we will do better! To our AMSG team: YOU are important to AMSG and our Leadership. What you experience in your professional life is just as important to us as the ups and downs in your personal life.

The Global Human Capital Trends report found that companies who prioritize and encourage this kind of engagement are “eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes” and to retain employees who “will likely be more engaged, more motivated, and more likely to perform at a high level to drive gains in organizational performance.”

With that said, the Employee Engagement Team will work to strengthen the cultural environment here at AMSG. We want you to be committed, as we are to you, to AMSG and to feel satisfied with the work you do for us and the organizations you support. We want healthier and happier employees who are enthusiastic about being a part of our organization and collective Mission.

In the days and weeks to come, the Employee Engagement Team plans to meet regularly to strategize and discuss new ideas and implement ways that AMSG will enhance both your professional and personal well-being. Look for updates and announcements coming soon!

To our employees: remember, YOU are our Mission!

To our industry colleagues and partners: are there ways you’ve implemented or plan to implement a culture of wellness in the workplace?

If so, let us know!  Email amessenger@amsgcorp.net with your story and we may share it via a LinkedIn follow-up post

Written by: Angela Lee, AMSG Senior Director, Employee Engagement 

Edited by: Juania Owens, AMSG Investment Analyst Team Lead

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