Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs are useful for companies to improve communications and overall productivity. A CRM system can help improve customer relations, keep customer data, improve sales functions, enhance overall customer service, provide better data, and help a business grow.

Our CEO, Jim O’Farrell, is a believer in digital transformation, so determining which CRM was the best fit for AMSG was key, especially because there are so many available on the market. AMSG sought out to determine which CRM system would best fit the needs of not only our business, but the platform that would help us most effectively serve our customers. We were looking for collaboration between departments, reporting, the opportunity to track and manage our pipeline, manage our calendar, and get support with marketing. By utilizing a single, central database for customer information and team member communications, we can improve customer satisfaction. Real-time reports and dashboards allow us to have more accountability and improve leadership visibility and automated reminders for outreach help capture leads and increase our conversions.

After much research and deliberation, we chose Salesforce. Salesforce is a cloud-based program which helps teams work together more effectively by improving communications and productivity. Salesforce offers a centralized point for customer data, which will allow us to deliver personalized and targeted experiences. At its core, AMSG is a team, and that team dynamic is supported by Salesforce’s platform. The collaborative tools Salesforce has available allow teams to work together more effectively and communicate. We can also save time and effort with the synchronization capabilities without technical setup.

Above all, we selected Salesforce for the scalability options. Salesforce is an adaptable platform, which will allow us to customize the platform based on our needs and grow with our business. In addition to scalability, Salesforce is also constantly upgrading and provides automatic, seamless upgrades during the year.

AMSG has been working with our implementor, MyOnlineAdmin, since February. We are thrilled to see how the system is already working for us. We are seeing better communication, cleaner data, and best of all: quicker reporting!

“One report that used to take me a couple hours to pull is now ready at the click of button!” says Chrissie Constable, AMSG’s Marketing Manager, who is helping to lead the implementation. “Now, we are constantly looking for ways for Salesforce to increase our efficiency. We ask ourselves: Can Salesforce do this better? Faster? And if the answer is yes, we reach out to our implementation team to help us make it happen.”

AMSG is looking forward to streamlining our current processes and looking at different ways to do things. We see that the possibilities are far greater than we even imagined!

Written By: Sheila Rupp