VAntage Point article written by: Jeff Tilden

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is revitalizing training to meet the needs of a modernized VA – and AMSG is leading the way. The VHA Training Modernization Group (formerly known as the Training Work Group) – a cross-functional team made up of both VHA and AMSG personnel – was formed with the goal of developing a streamlined and systematic approach to VHA training delivery and management.

Since contract kick-off in September of 2020, AMSG’s role has been varied and highly complex, often requiring quick solutions and turnaround. Support includes change management, business process improvement, stakeholder management, strategic communications and policy development for VA Training Management and Implementation.

Some of our accomplishments to date include stand-up of a robust and innovative SharePoint site for the VHA Training Modernization effort, along with the planning and creation of 16 Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) – six of which have already begun development of new training-related processes. A second round of IPTs is scheduled to kick-off shortly. These new processes will ultimately generate a cutting-edge system for VA/VHA, with policies that significantly reduce burdensome and inadequate training – leaving VA/VHA staff more time for their primary responsibilities.

The result – better Veteran care.

Read the article written by Jeff Tilden, a Supervisory Marketing and Communications Specialist for the VA Employee Education System, to see how AMSG’s efforts translate to a better VA/VHA experience for all Veterans and eligible family members.

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