Black and white headshot of a darker skinned male with a small afro and glasses smiling at the camera in a suit.Mohamed Elhag, a data analyst, has been with AMSG for nearly nine months. He was previously subcontracted under AMSG as a Data Analyst on Operation Allies Welcome with DHS.

Mohamed recently took — and passed with high marks — the Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) certification exam.

Scrum is a method of helping teams and people work incrementally, allow value to be seen along the way, and work together more effectively as a team.

In Mohamed’s own words, “Scrum is a project management framework that helps teams create a flexible and efficient process. Scrum teams are broken down into three parts: the Product Owner, otherwise known as the customer; the Developers, the people who create the product; and the Scrum Master, the person who guides the process. This team breaks down the work into small chunks called “Sprints” which allows them quick adaptation to any changes or issues they run into during development.”

After being encouraged to get certified by his program manager, Mohamed prepared for the Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) certification exam for a little over a month whenever he had free time.

“He saw it as a great opportunity for growth, and after looking into what Scrum was all about Mohamed says that while he only earned the certification in February, he’s already seen how it has impacted his role at AMSG. “As a team here at FTC, we have implemented the methodologies we learned to streamline our own project processes with the client and this allows us to adapt quickly to the changes that the client presents.”

The certification has also impacted his daily life by providing helpful tools such as prioritization and collaboration.

He encourages others who are interested in attaining the Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) certification to use free resources like the Scrum Guide and the Agile Manifesto available on the Scrum website.

Mohamed is pursuing additional professional development with a data analytics course, and he will be doing a machine learning course in the fall.

Congratulations on your achievement, Mohamed!

By: Sheila Rupp, AMSGazette Contributor and Editor