During the month of November, we held our first-ever friendly Corporate Step Challenge to get us moving as we step into the new year. Forty-five participants joined in on the journey, which is an outstanding 36% of our full-time workforce!

One challenger commented, “Thank you so much for all that you did for this step challenge. It was a blast and it helped me to get off my butt and back to getting that daily cardio that I so desperately need. I was fortunate to make the top 10 with several very determined competitors.”

Together, participants took over 17 million steps! The top three competitors all had over 1 million steps.

The top individual performer was Penieli Vaisagote with an outstanding 1,372,608 steps. For his efforts, he received a gift basket and $100 Visa gift card, in addition to the one day of PTO and $100 Uber Eats card that all Top 10 performers received. Rounding out the top 3 were AMSG’s CEO Jim O’Farrell and AMSG’s Marketing Manager and marathoner Chrissie Constable.

In the team competition, Team Corporate edged out Team John Hinson for bragging rights. For their achievement, Team Corporate will get a team event for challenge participants.

Final Standings
Top 10 Individual Achievers:

Name Team Position Score
Penieli Vaisagote Team John Hinson 1 1,372,608
Jim O’Farrell Team Corporate 2 1,307,568
Chrissie Constable Team Corporate 3 1,006,276
David Houck Team John Hinson 4 951,605
Brian Smith Team John Hinson 5 936,453
Jeffrey Gerner Team Jeff Gerner 6 897,143
Charles Meade Team John Hinson 7 840,104
Gloria Daniel Team John Hinson 8 586,282
Aaron Hughes Team Angela Lee 9 515,817
Christine Taylor Team Corporate 10 460,158


Top Team: Team Corporate!

Team Position Score
Team Corporate 1 462,648.4
Team John Hinson 2 440,568.8
Team Jeff Gerner 3 348,669.7
Team Angela Lee 4 2361,97.6
Team Ashley Walker 5 146,853


While our competition was friendly and fun, the benefits of walking and getting in daily steps goes far beyond a challenge. Aside from the more obvious benefits that walking improves cardiovascular fitness levels and helps you maintain a healthy weight and lower body fat levels, walking helps strengthen bones and muscles and increases energy levels. Walking also helps reduce stress and ease tension, as well as improving mood, your memory, and even sleep patterns.

Do you want to kick start your year with a new fitness routine? You can still make daily steps a part of your routine to reap the short- and long-term benefits. It takes about two months for a new behavior to become a habit. It’s also important to not get discouraged if you need to take a day off or miss a day, especially during this season. Keep going and get back on track!