Humble cowboy boots are a symbol of the resilience, determination, and grit often required in life. For AMSG, they are also a symbol of our core values: the three Cs of Competence, Courage, and Compassion. The boots are a sort of harken back to time served in the military – regardless of branch of service. Service, being part of a mission. A part of something bigger than ourselves.

AMSG’s own CEO Jim O’Farrell met the CEO of Tecovas Boots at a CEOcircle event. After the team building events, Jim decided to gift Tecovas boots to the AMSG leadership team at our first off site retreat. After these first boots, Jim began gifting them to friends of the company and other team members to recognize their accomplishments through exercising the three Cs of leadership.

One of our latest awards: Marshall McBride joined the TRADOC Team in May 2022 and has been a leader since day one and is steadfast in his engagement and execution.

Roxie Forge was also recently awarded a pair of boots. Roxie is a proactive and dedicated professional who has contributed significantly to the organization’s goals, recognized for her clear and comprehensive guidance on content management and record management best practices.

Dion Hopkins also received boots recently, being recognized for his willingness to step out of his comfort zone and support the multimedia team which has been instrumental in their success. Dion’s expertise and dedication to his work have contributed significantly to his team’s success and has earned him widespread respect from both colleagues and clients alike.

“I want the boots to serve as a symbol of us all putting on our boots to lead our team members/subordinates at AMSG – always proud to be supporting the Mission and being part of something bigger than themselves. Always acting with integrity and honor – even if that means we walk away from an unethical customer/partner situation. And sometimes having to turn and fight, rather than walk away!! The boots are a way to recognize our “kick butt” attitudes and for leaning in each day with AMSG in support of our great Nation,” says Jim.

As of June 2023, we have delivered boots to 43 people (AMSG + Friends of AMSG) from 14 states and Washington, D.C.! We look forward to highlighting the accomplishments and dedication of future boot award winners!


By: Sheila Rupp, AMSGazette Contributor and Editor