During November and December 2022, AMSG took part in an Insperity-led DISC assessment. DISC personality assessments help individuals understand their behaviors, preferred communication method, and work style. Through reflection, individuals can increase self-awareness, gain a better appreciation for the different work styles of teammates, and ultimately increase productivity.

DISC is a time-tested analysis created in the 1920s by Harvard psychologist Dr. William Marston. The analysis method gained popularity in the 1970s in the workplace.

DISC measures (D) dominance, (I) influence, (S) steadiness, and (C) conscientiousness.

Dominant individuals tend to be direct, firm, strong-willed, forceful, and results-oriented. Those with the trait of influence are enthusiastic, outgoing, optimistic, and high-spirited. Individuals with steadiness as their dominant trait are generally even-tempered, accommodating, patient, and tactful. Conscientiousness is often seen in those who are analytical, reserved, systematic, and precise.

Every individual is a unique mixture of the four behavior styles, and being aware of your own default style helps improve self-knowledge, working relationships, build stronger service skills, and manage a more effective team environment.

Here’s how Team AMSG measured up on default behavior styles:

D 4% team members competitive, assertive, decisive, and results-oriented
I 20% team members talkative, friendly, optimistic, and energetic
S 41% team members calm, helpful, modest, patient, caring, and reliable
C 35% team members precise, logical, analytical, and careful


When looking at composition of teams, DISC assessments can help reduce friction or conflict. Knowing the default behavior style of teammates can also help with efficient and product communication and teamwork, as well as focused for successful interactions with our teammates and customers.

Managers who know the styles of their individual team members with the DISC framework can be better and more effective leaders by understanding the needs and preferences of their team members.

So, you may ask, “what’s next”? AMSG and Insperity are working on creating curriculum for manager-led workshops at the contract level where we will have the opportunity to review our personal analysis as well as our team behavioral style. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding next steps in the coming weeks.


By: Angela Lee, Vice President of Operations