rockITdata Founder and CEO Marlene Andersch discusses the impetus behind starting rockITdata, the rewards and challenges of running a business, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

AMSG: Tell us about rockITdata.

Marlene Andersch: Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, rockITdata is an IT consulting firm with a specialization in dual-use contact center solutions built on Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Leveraging AI and ML, our solution creates efficiencies, lowers costs, and drives better business outcomes.

We also offer recruiting, strategy, training, and mission support for commercial and government programs. rockITdata is a certified Veteran (SDVOSB), Minority, and Woman-owned Small Business, and is comprised of AWS and Salesforce industry veterans that collectively maintain over 100 combined AWS and Salesforce certifications with a specific corporate focus, to empower customers and team members through innovation and the use of cutting-edge technologies.

AMSG: What was the impetus behind starting your company?

MA: Ultimately, I wanted to take the best of what I learned working in corporate America and less of the bureaucracy, to create something amazing. I wanted our services to be better, faster to deployment, more innovative, and less expensive than our competitors.

AMSG: What has been the most rewarding experience about starting and running rockITdata? Challenging?

MA: The most rewarding part is celebrating the wins and watching our people learn and grow within our business. One of our Guiding Principles is “Progress not perfection.” I love celebrating the progress that I see in our team members daily. The most challenging part about running rockITdata is ensuring that we have the right people and the right resources that align with our culture. If we can think differently and apply innovation through technology, I know we are going to be successful.

AMSG: What is your connection with AMSG/Jim O’Farrell?

AMSG's CEO and rockITdata's CEO posing for a picture

MA: I met Jim through the Bunker Labs’ CEOcircle program. His positive energy was infectious, and I felt drawn to his leadership. He has a really great philanthropic mission. I even coined WWJD: ‘What Would Jim Do?’ When I encounter certain situations in my life, I always think to myself, “What would Jim do?”

AMSG: How is rockITdata embracing AI?

MA: rockITdata embraces AI by using it to innovate and improve the customer experience. We empower our customers and team members through innovation and the use of cutting-edge technologies like AI. AI has become an important piece of who we are and what we do for our customers.

AMSG: What are your thoughts on AI and Machine Learning?

MA: We were actually doing AI before ChatGpT and Open AI became popular. The data that comes from AI and ML will accelerate the decisions that we make, and it will give us a very clear view on the things that should be measured. We have seen AI grow exponentially in many areas that we did not think it would have an impact on. AI will continue to become more prominent in our day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally. However, if it is not monitored, AI has the potential to become very dangerous.

AMSG: Tell us a fun fact about you or rockITdata?

 MA: My favorite meal is candy!