Hobbies are important because they provide a vital outlet for relaxation and personal fulfillment, allowing individuals to explore interests and passions outside of their professional and daily obligations. Engaging in hobbies can reduce stress, improve mental health, and enhance overall well-being by fostering creativity, providing a sense of accomplishment, and promoting social connections. Additionally, hobbies can help develop new skills, boost self-esteem, and offer a healthy balance to the demands of everyday life, contributing to a more rounded and satisfied existence.

AMSG believes that our team members are our most valuable asset, and we feel that personal passions should be supported, which led to the creation of our AMSG Cares Hobby Program. Through this program, we reimburse up to $1,000 of pre-approved hobby expenses per calendar year for employees. We know that our Team Members work extremely hard in high-demand positions. By contributing to these endeavors, we hope that AMSGers feel appreciated and cared for, both on and off the clock. Participating in activities that brings one joy helps to reduce stress and contribute to overall wellness.

We’re thrilled that our Hobby Program is helping our AMSGers enjoy their hobbies ad passions, and maybe even inspiring some to take up some new endeavors! We’re proud to say that through the AMSG Hobby Cares Program, to date, we’ve contributed $25,554.66 toward member hobbies.

We’ve even streamlined the process to make it even easier for AMSGers to request support for their hobby. We’ve seen our team members participating in activities from biking to muscle cars, motorcycles to photography.

We’re excited to see what hobbies our Team Members are taking on and look forward to assisting them in furthering their passions, while nurturing their mental wellness, personal fulfillment, and having some fun.

Written by: Sheila Rupp