There might be nothing like riding a motorcycle through the winding roads of a parkway during fall. The crisp air, golden color palette, and the rustling leaves all make for a pretty amazing sight and memorable ride. Some of Team AMSG is preparing to do exactly that with new parts and upgrades made to their motorcycles thanks to the AMSG Cares Hobby Program!

Capabilities Analyst David Houck purchased his 2023 Indian Challenger Icon in Sagebrush Green in December, and with support from the AMSG Cares Hobby Program, David added raised handlebars and driving lights to his Challenger. He enjoys commuting on his bike daily, weather permitting. Earlier this year, he participated in a ride with a group of approximately 200 riders who gathered at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, riding to the National Mall where they met up with 10,000 riders for the “Rolling to Remember Rally.” He says the Memorial Day ride to raise awareness of POWs and service members still MIA is his most memorable ride to date.

“It was an honor to participate in such an awesome and worthwhile event and I will continue to participate in the future,” says David.

David isn’t alone in his love for fall riding. Team Lead Brian Smith also used the AMSG Cares Hobby Program to upgrade his 2022 Indian Roadmaster Limited with parts to provide a smoother throttle response and an overall better ride for himself and his wife, Annita. Brian has been riding more than 25 years and enjoys fall riding for the changing color of the leaves and cooler weather. He’s hoping to get some mountain riding in on the west side of the state.

“The Hobby Program helped to just enforce my passion of riding. As for an employee, if reflects how much Jim cares about us and brings us together as a family,” says Brian.

Knowledge Management Advisor Wes Thomas used the AMSG Cares Hobby Program to replace the tires on his motorcycle. He took a spectacular summer vacation on his Heritage Softail, riding through parts of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho to Yellowstone National Park, narrowly missing snow! While he’s a relatively new rider, Wes enjoys the adventure and wind therapy that biking provides.

We believe that team members are our most valuable asset, and that personal passions should be supported. Because we think that work-life balance is important and critical to each team member, we launched the AMSG Cares Hobby Program. Through our AMSG Cares Hobby Program, we reimburse up to $1,000 of pre-approved hobby expenses per calendar year for employees.

We’re excited to see the awesome places that our Hobby Program has taken AMSGers, and we’re looking forward to hearing what other hobbies our team is participating in and are helping them grow their passions in the future!

By: Sheila Rupp, AMSGazette Contributor and Editor