AMSG’s International Philanthropy Program Sets the Stage for Global Impact

In 2023, AMSG embarked on a groundbreaking venture launching an International Philanthropy Program. A first of its kind, the program marks a significant milestone in AMSG’s history and sets a precedent for small to medium-sized Government consulting firms.

The primary objective of the AMSG International Philanthropy Program is to mobilize resources, raise funds, and provide hands-on support for initiatives aimed at assisting children and communities globally. While AMSG has a history of involvement in U.S. based corporate volunteerism and sponsorship of various initiatives, this program signifies a substantial expansion of AMSG’s humanitarian endeavors, particularly on an international scale.

Journey to Kenya: AMSG’s Bold Step in Transforming Lives

At the helm of this initiative is Jasmin Hester, appointed as AMSG’s International Philanthropy Program Manager. Jasmin spearheaded the program’s inaugural endeavor in partnership with the Makindu Children’s Program’s (the Program) 2023 Proper Walk and Safari fundraising initiative. The Program supports the Makindu Children’s Centre, a crucial resource facility that provides resources to feed, educate, and care for orphaned and vulnerable children in eastern Kenya.

AMSG’s bold endeavor sent seven AMSGers on a 10-day life-changing journey through Kenya, Africa. Aimed at improving the lives of underprivileged children, AMSG raised over $58,000 and collaborated with Proper Walk founder Michael Farley, engaging in hands-on activities such as building infrastructures, cultivating gardens, and fostering connections with children at the center.

Expanding Horizons: AMSG’s Next Stop – Honduras

Building on the success of its maiden expedition, AMSG is gearing up for another meaningful venture this summer. This time, the spotlight shines on Honduras, where AMSG will collaborate with One Thousand Schools, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating violence and extreme poverty in Honduras through education and youth empowerment.

“Honduras was chosen for its critical need for educational development. Many rural communities lack basic school facilities, leading to high dropout rates and limited opportunities for children,” says Jasmin. “By focusing our efforts on this region, we hope to replicate the success of our Africa project and create lasting positive change.”

The upcoming initiative in Honduras promises to be a continuation of AMSG’s commitment to being part of something greater than yourself and making a positive difference in the world. Through hands-on involvement in school infrastructure projects and community engagement activities, a new round of AMSGers will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Such initiatives not only exemplify AMSG’s corporate social responsibility, but also serve as a testament to AMSG’s core values, specifically Community and Compassion. By empowering its employees to be agents of change on both a domestic and global scale, AMSG enriches the lives of those served by its philanthropic efforts and also cultivates a sense of purpose and fulfillment within its own organization.

A Vision for Change: AMSG’s Commitment to a Brighter Future

“As we reflect on our philanthropic achievements and look ahead to new endeavors, we remain steadfast in our mission to impact one community at a time nationally and around the world. Our work in Africa set a strong precedent, demonstrating the transformative power of our humanitarian efforts,” says AMSG’s President and CEO Jim O’Farrell.

“With our upcoming project in Honduras, we are eager to extend our reach and impact even more lives. Our efforts are not just about constructing buildings or painting benches; it’s about fostering hope, creating opportunities, and building a better future for children and communities worldwide.”

AMSG’s Philanthropic Efforts Forge Path for Future Initiatives

Humanitarian initiatives like AMSG’s International Philanthropy Program pave the way for a brighter future — one volunteer mission at a time. AMSG exemplifies the spirit of corporate social responsibility and sets a admirable precedent for organizations seeking to make a meaningful impact beyond borders. Stay tuned for updates on AMSG’s philanthropic efforts and to find out how you can get involved in this and other life-changing missions in our AMSGazette.

Written by: Juania Owens and Jasmin Hester