Financial/Budget Analyst




AMSG is seeking a Budget Analyst to provide support in the Federal Sector.

Location:  Northern Virginia
Education:  Bachelor’s Degree
Years of Experience:  4 years
Clearance Requirements:  Public Trust
Job Type:  Full Time

General Description:  The Budget Analyst will assist in the development of schedule, exhibits budget reports, and documentation to comply with federal regulations and external inquires and support the following duties:

The Candidate will compile, verify and track data, and establish budgetary control by working with various Federal branches and directorates.

  • The Candidate will have a working knowledge of and will assist in populating the resource and justification tables in the DoD CIO official Information Technology budget data base (currently called SNaP-IT) and have a working knowledge and assist in populating and extracting data from the official DoD CIO Department of Defense Information Technology Investment Portal, and Data Center Inventory Management;
  • Provide support in the preparation of all documents required for the submission of the President’s Budget, Budget Estimate Submission, and Program Objective Memorandum. 
  • The Candidate will assist in preparing all necessary correspondence to support and justify the submissions including briefings, reclamas, and similar documents, including the development and routing for approval of budget letters of certification and correspondence dealing with quarterly and ad hoc budgetary related reports.
  • Maintain and update the back-up submission documentation on a common Government owned drive.
  • Provide advice and analysis to assist evaluating building budget briefs.
  • Assist in researching and analyzing existing and proposed public laws, federal policy and Department Instructions and regulations regarding the proper and most effective manner to utilize resources.
  • Validate information provided by the components and program offices to ensure that information reported outside of the organization matches budget controls as proposed.
  • Assist in accumulating and reporting monthly data.
  • The Candidate will attend, participate and take minutes of budgetary meetings, training sessions, Working Groups, and other ad hoc budgetary meetings as necessary.
  • The Candidate will provide support for the DoD CIO Portfolio View SNaP-IT resources reporting categories and procedures to include Working Capital Funding reporting, Functions, Capabilities, Category of Expenses, Provisional IT and Internal Use Software.
  • The Candidate will provide support with new OMB driven Technology Business Management (TBM) taxonomy reporting procedures as being modified by DoD CIO. The Candidate will provide strategies on how to implement the new reporting process and will be responsible for developing, scheduling and delivering the new process brief to all components.
  • The Candidate will provide technical support and assistance in the design, development, validation, revision, and implementation of policies, procedures, plans, documents and checklists necessary for the effective functioning of Budget Presentation & Justification (BP&J).
  • Assist in the support of financial analysis resulting in rapid IT Portfolio Rationalization and cost modeling.  Ability to extract, build, reconcile and provide an Excel and Power Point briefings from available financial budget exhibits, SNAP-IT, Self-Reported data as well as any other source as determined by the Customer.
  • Validate information provided by the components “Self-Reported Data” and program offices to ensure that information reported outside of the organization aligns with budget controls.
  • Ability to work with the Components, Divisions and Program Offices to resolve any budget discrepancies.
  • Provide Program Element (PE) level financial information to include OP-32 information to Budget Presentation and Justification staff to support Resource Management Decisions (RMD) and Program Decision Memorandums.
  • Assist in submitting the Weekly Activity Report for the Budget Formulation POM Team Activities.
  • Assist with the drafting/updating of the Program Office Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Attend, participate and record minutes of budgetary meetings, training sessions, and other ad hoc budgetary meetings, as necessary.
  • Assist in facilitating (setting-up, projecting, recording, presenting) all meetings associated with the POM process.
  • Maintain a record of project-level budget reductions and enhancements needed to produce “notional controls” between formal budget submissions.
  • Assist personnel in tracking Purchase Request (PR)/Purchase Order (PO) actions. The contractor will maintain the PR/PO list and track contract or services actions by Program Element (PE) to assist in the proper allocation of funds. 
  • Assist with updating the Annual Funding Profile Walk to include tracking funding realignments, reprogramming’s, reductions, etc.
  • Assist in the distribution of funds based on the Priority PR Lists, Spend Plans, or other funding requests. Monitor all distributions in Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI/GFEBS) to ensure they were performed correctly.
  • Assist and coordinate with the Divisions, Program Offices, and Financial Operations Division, on the development of the DAI/GFEBS projects and/or tasks.
  • Assist in preparing/reviewing Funded Authorization Document (FAD) requests, tracking and distributing FADs received for execution.
  • Assist with the review, consolidation, and tracking of all Unfunded Requirements.
  • Identify and report discrepancies and promptly notify the Government. The Candidate will monitor DAI/GFEBS Status of Funds Reports and DAI/GFEBS Execution Reports and notify the government of any discrepancies.
  • Maintain all budget execution files on the shared network drive; and
  • Assist with meetings and the drafting/updating minutes and Standard Operating Procedures as required.
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